1. Coffee Tables (54)
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  4. Console Tables (9)
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  6. Dining Tables (3)
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  2. fabric (6)
  3. leatherette (6)
  4. glass (2)
  5. metal (66)
  6. mdf (12)
  7. leather (1)
  8. marble (5)
  9. jute (3)
  10. concrete (4)
  11. bone inlay (2)
  12. veneer (1)
  13. mosiac (1)
  14. steel (1)
  15. plastic (1)
  16. resin inlay (2)
  17. mother of pearl inlay (1)
  18. alluminium (3)
  19. solid wood (1)
  20. aluminum (1)
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  5. germany (94)
  6. morocco (155)
  7. turkey (86)
  8. uk (153)
  1. neutral (11)
  2. natural (22)
  3. distressed (7)
  4. ash (3)
  5. dark walnut (16)
  6. chocolate (9)
  7. dark chocolate (1)
  8. golden wheat (5)
  9. nutmeg (7)
  10. ebony (35)
  11. antique charcoal (2)
  12. grey (5)
  13. white wash (5)
  14. walnut (3)
  15. cherry (5)
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Tables- An Epicentre for Action!

Solid structure yet fluid in terms of functionality, a table is one piece in a living room furniture that plays many roles. When hosting parties, it becomes the base for overflowing beer mugs or chilled soda cans. On silent nights, it acts as an epicentre for spooky activities like spirit calling or related. Acts like a second dining table when you run out of seating options. This miracle piece of furniture is designed to offer a wide surface area for resting your coffee mugs or placing favourite reads. At Tezerac, you will come across a wide range of tables that are designed by some of the renowned designers. Structured using quality material and finished in exquisite fashion, the tables in our range will be your stylish companion for a very long time. Choose from our wide range of coffee tables, side tables, nested tables, and console tables.

Tables for Sale Online

Coffee Tables:

Accentuate your living space with an inclusion of an elegant coffee table. Designed to offer ample amount of surface area, a coffee table rounds off your living space in a balanced manner. Our range contains a myriad of tables in varied shapes, material, and themes. When placed in a living room or a bedroom, these tables will provide you with a dedicated place for setting down drinks, putting your feet up and create the additional surface area.

Side & End Tables:

Punctuate those wasted sides with something beautiful by placing Side & End Tables. Created to double up the surface area in a room, the side tables are placed at the end of a sofa. These tables can be easily moved around the room owing to lightweight construction. Available in different heights and widths, these interesting pieces will merge with your room’s setup smoothly. Typically, the side tables are designed to hold lamps or act as another surface for those cold or hot mugs.

Nested Tables:

Stack or Spread- Play with the surface are in your room with an inclusion of nested tables. Easily stackable, these nested tables come in handy when the need for the extra surface arises. Generally placed in one corner of the room is a stacked form, these tables play a prominent role when hosting a party. It not only helps in conserving precious floor space but also acts an interesting addition to your room.

Console Tables:

Give a beautiful companion to your upholstered sofa or that lonely mirror on the wall in your lobby in the form of a console table. This narrow, tall table is typically placed behind an upholstered sofa and can be used for placing a lamp or an antique sourced from a far land. When placed under a mirror, this table acts as an extended surface for placement of cookie-filled mason jars or bowls or daily knick-knacks.