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Living Storage- Worth Every Penny Spent!

Storage plays an essential part is setting up of a space. In today’s world of compact-size apartments, you need options that can double up storage in an efficient manner. This is where Tezerac’s range of living storage pieces comes into the picture. Not only these pieces offer effective storage solutions but also add to the beauty of your living space. Tastefully designed using material like termite-resistant wood, corrosion-resistant metal, tempered glass, solid marble and much more, our storage solutions will make you instantly add these to cart. Floating bookshelves will offer your books a place to breathe and trinkets from travel a chance to come out of those trunks. If you wish to create a dedicated library in your living or study room, then browse through our wide range of bookshelves and zero upon the one you like the most. Don’t leave your beloved flat screen behind, give it a place of glory with a capacious TV unit from our collection. Stow away your shoes in an elegant fashion using durable, stylish shoe racks.

Types of Storage Options:

TV Units: Featuring enviable curves and loaded with next-gen technology, the classic idiot box has come a long way. The transition from a fatso to a curvaceous beauty has pushed a television to the must-haves in home decor. To compliment this transition, the TV units have also evolved to a great extent. Tezerac brings to you a huge range of TV units that are designed to give your flat screen a place of glory. Available in different material, finish, sizes, and shapes, our TV units are here to entice you. Not only these units can offer a glorious place for LEDs/LCDs but are also capable of housing different media components.

Bookshelves: Before dust becomes the new best friend of your favourite reads, get hold of an interesting bookshelf. Our range of bookshelves will enable you to create a dedicated place for your books. Crafted using different material and finished using quality material, every bookshelf from our range has a unique identity. Representing varied schools of design, our varied bookshelves allow a user to pick the one according to a particular decor theme.

Shoe Racks: Don’t let your shoes rule the place you call ‘Home’. Find your beloved sole-protectors a dedicated place where they can breathe and are always ready to be at your service. Introduce shoe racks that can easily help you keep the place clutter free. At Tezerac, you will find an extensive range of shoe racks in varied sizes and built. Some units with tremendous capacity will encourage you to build your collection to the next level.

Corner Storage: At Tezerac, we try our level best to provide you with best options when it comes to furniture. We house some of the most interesting corner storage options that will convert dull corners into focal points. Loaded with endless storage options, these corner storage furnitures are designed by some of the renowned designers across the globe.