Living Room Furniture

Living Room Furniture

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  8. chocolate (29)
  9. dark chocolate (2)
  10. golden wheat (21)
  11. nutmeg (137)
  12. ebony (28)
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Living Room- A place to be!

We are stories in the making and furniture is the backdrop in every dramatic scene. No matter how many turns our life takes, furniture stands strong on the ground. With every passing moment, it fades away in the background but never forgets to offer you with immense comfort. These strong characters stand still in time while we sleep, jump, roll, spill, break, and do what not. Living room is one such place that lives to watch all the drama while observing deep silence. This one place serves as an epicentre to numerous activities and gets moulded with addition or subtraction of furniture pieces. Grace up this space with furniture pieces that reflect true identity of you or your entire family. No matter how big or small the space is, always fill it up with living room furniture that is soothing to your senses. At Tezerac, you can dive into a pool of 1000+ pieces and pick the one you like the most. Breathe! Yes, we have more than 1000+ unique choices to go through that are listed in an easy-to-grasp format. Religiously following our motto ‘Furniture in a box’, we house pieces that are like dreams given solid forms. Every piece on the list is designed and conceptualised by international designers who have vast experience in moulding material and giving it a second life.

Sofa or Table- Everything Fabulous!

Looking for something comfortable or something grand? Or just couldn’t hold yourself from checking out our intimating collection? No matter why you visited Tezerac, you will find something that might fit right into your must-have list. Our collection will not only give you new ideas for revamping your space but also make you rethink about that old furniture. Check out our living room furniture collection that includes some of the most interesting pieces. Our ever-doubling range includes living room sofas as curvaceous as river Nile and coffee tables as beautiful as moon shining after rain. Wrapped in fabric or just a polished structure, our living room sofas will entice you in more than one level. We offer you with a choice to fill up your cosy space with the whole set or buying individual pieces as per your liking. Replace your old coffee table with an upholstered coffee table for an elegant touch or concrete coffee table for a masculine touch. Wicked use of material like mother of pearl, bone, resin, glass, marble and more make most of the pieces exclusive. We cover A-Z type of furniture that falls under living room category. If you wish to stow away those throws or organise your space in a tidy manner, then you need to get hold of our TV Units with ample amount of storage as well as functionality. Organise your photo frames, trinkets hoarded during memorable journeys, and whatever you feel mismanaged with the use of floating wall shelves from our vast collection.

Quality Matters!

From the initial process of designing to the end process of giving a piece final touch, we ensure that quality is maintained. While designing living room furniture, we ensure that every detail is taken into due consideration. Before manufacturing process starts, our artisans determine the quality of wood, metal, or fabric to be used. Due consideration is given to use of quality material sourced from renowned partners. For every wooden piece, we source well-seasoned wood to avoid cracking or scrapping during the passage of time. The fabric is checked for thread count, shrinkage, and colour fasting before it is used over an upholstered piece of living room furniture. After the manufacturing process completes, every piece undergoes a stringent quality check. At Tezerac, we prefer quality over quantity as our main aim is to deliver pieces that will last longer.

Some Unique Ideas for a Breathtakingly Beautiful Living Room

After you set fire to your old furniture and before placing an order on our portal, give a nice look to your living room. Measure every nook and corner using a measuring tape and jot down these details in a small diary or a phone or wherever you wish. Chart out the floor area and divide the same into dedicated fractions. Focus on dedicating a major part of the space to the breathable area. Start with an uber-chic, comfortable sofa or a sofa set that will give a character to your space. Provide your flat-screen TV with a place of glory with the use of a capacious TV unit or a sleek console. If you have centrally located window in the living room, place a bench with storage against it to create a cosy sitting area. Fill up the corners between sofas with a use of stackable nested tables or elegant end tables. Give the centre of the room a unique touch by placing an aesthetically designed coffee table.