Home Decor

Home Decor

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  2. Bed Linens (280)
  3. Wall Decor (42)
  4. Lamps & Lighting (148)
  5. Carpets & Doormats (83)
  6. Decorative Accessories (33)
  7. Bath Linens (86)
  8. Balcony & Outdoor Decor (6)
  1. solid wood (33)
  2. fabric (5)
  3. leatherette (3)
  4. glass (52)
  5. metal (122)
  6. mdf (28)
  7. cotton (317)
  8. leather (12)
  9. marble (7)
  10. polyester (5)
  11. jute (25)
  12. recyled felt (7)
  13. velvet (4)
  14. chenille (8)
  15. iron (2)
  16. wax (9)
  17. cork (7)
  18. wool (1)
  19. recycled paper (6)
  20. synthetic threads (3)
  21. feather (3)
  22. coir (9)
  23. mirror (2)
  24. viscose (10)
  25. hairon (1)
  26. acrylic (1)
  27. aluminium (5)
  28. sheesham wood (2)
  29. cotton satin (36)
  30. alluminium (3)
  31. metal (3)
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  6. morocco (146)
  7. turkey (73)
  8. uk (45)
  9. None (8)
  1. natural (14)
  2. golden wheat (6)
  3. white wash (4)
  4. rustic (1)
  5. walnut (1)
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Home Decor - Accentuate Your Home in the Right Manner!

Decor is not just limited to walls or floors, it spreads wings to every knock and corner of your house. From empty walls craving for attention to furniture pieces left alone, everything in a home requires a touch of vibrancy. Breathe life into your home using accent decor items from Tezerac’s extensive range. With the insertion of decor items in your home design palette, you get an opportunity to give a meaning to those empty living spaces. Decor items are not only associated with adding vibrancy, but also represent emotions. These motionless pieces have more life than a living being and are capable of expressing more than one emotion. Moreover, home decor items are closely related to personal style. A person leaning towards a traditional school of decor will never introduce a modern piece of decor item in the home.

Discover the Right Style

Before you are neck deep in the swamp of utterly beautiful home decor items available on Tezerac, consider discovering your personal style. You will be astonished how simple it will make the selection process. On Tezerac, you will find home decor items listed according to popular styles- coastal, classic, traditional, industrial, modern, and much more. Not only this, every style is loaded with endless options to take a just decision. Whether you are into Rajwada style from India or a die-hard fan of Hollywood’s flashy tones, we have everything sorted for you. Become a proud owner of an enviable decor item from our extensive collection.

Fill up on Home Decor Items

After you are done finding your true calling in terms of decor theme, start building up an envy-worthy collection. Start the revamping process with one room at a time to ensure that you don’t overdo it. Drape those windows with colourful curtains and wrap the bed using super-comfy bed linens to create a cosy bedroom setup. Place heavenly doormats around the house to trap dirt and debris. If you are a bachelor, nothing says comfort more than bean bags. Create a dream-come-true bachelor pad by pairing that flat screen with bean bags.

Much Much More Than Cushion Covers

Bath Linens: Home decor remains incomplete if you skip on bath linen. Towels play a vital role in home decor by adding a vibrant touch to your bathroom. When placed in a creative manner, the hand towels can add life to a bathroom space. Place a stylish towel rack with beautiful bath towels in your bathroom and get ready to induce an oomph factor to your bathroom.

Wall Decor: You will be astonished to learn about the ways you can spruce up those empty walls. A Wall is like a huge empty slate that you can turn into a life-size canvas. Dedicate a specific place to your memories by mounting photo frames with pictures from sojourns and more. Make a good use of wall hangings that can either be placed in a group to create a massive art piece or just a single piece can sometimes do the trick.

Lamps and Lighting: Spread the warmth in your humble abode with the use of lamps and lighting fixtures. Get hold of a floor lamp to create a cosy corner right in your study area. Give a companion to that lonely console by placing an elegant table lamp on it.

Carpets & Doormats: Introduce a heavenly feel under your feet using carpets and rugs. Place a woven rug under a dining table to muff the furniture dragging sound.