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What we are known for ?

Artistic Touch

Deep understanding of various material can only be attained with years of experience. That's why we make a point of building strong relationships with accomplised, established suppliers.Not only this, we undertake a thorough investigation in designterms before the manufacturing process begins. The details drive us from design and material sourcing to manufacturing and finishing.


Customization always add a touch of personal style as well as a luxe feel to a furniture piece. At Tezerac, we have designed a simple process to cater to your requirement. We can adapt or modify our designs to your particular needs. Our team is fully capable of working on a design shared by you.

What We Are Best At?

Marble & Metal

Marble infused with metal is an ultimate combination when trying to create a smooth, luxurious piece of furniture. The concept of combining cold metal with the flawless marble slab has resulted in the creation of awe-inspiring designs.


Century-old art is given a fresh look by combining traditional technique with mordern technology. Inlay work adds a rice feel to a piece of furniture by combining material such as bone or resin with wood or metal. When layered on furniture, the simple patterns can create a huge visual impact in terms of design.


Concrete is a versatile material and this has led to its recent appearance in numerous non-traditional formats such as furniture. Mixing the grayish toned concrete with other durable material has enabled us to create designs that are nuteral to any decor theme.


Upholstered furniture adds an element of comfort to any setting. The piece of furniture is designed to offer immense comfort to a user. The combination of fabric and layered cushioning gives such a piece a plush feel.These upholstered pieces are gauranteed to look stylish and stand tall against the test of time.

Solid Wood

Keeping the flexibility of wood in terms of carving and designing, we came up with a range of products that can redefine a space. Simple and complex at the same time, the solid wood range is handcrafted to every nook and corner.

Wood & Metal

Combination of warm wood and cold metal has always resulted in something spectacular. The warmth of wood smoothes over the cold metal to create a piece of furniture that is stylish yet practical. Collectively these material maximise the durability factor of a piece of furniture by mkany folds.


A vibrant and living assortment of unique furniture design, based on fuctional and timeless principles. Use of rattan or wicker material gives furniture an airy design and almost transparent layout. Passionately handcrafted from environmentally friendly rattan and comes in various finishes and requires minimal maintenance.

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