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Dining Room- Where Memories are Shaped!

The crisper of your little paradise, the dining room is a little island near your kitchen where meals are relished with the salts of conversation. Every conversation, no matter how important or not, always starts from a dining room. But designing this space can be one big challenge. This place serves as waterhole for foodies, craft paradise of dream weavers, and a preparation ground for a cook. No matter what happens, you cannot take this place lightly. Moreover, bringing together the whole herd can be a dexterous task. You need to give every member in your family a solid reason to gather around and connect once every day. Give every king and queen in your life a dedicated throne to feel special every time they sit down for a warm meal. Fill the dining space with a spacious and comfortable dining table. This table should serve as the point of contact for your little world while spacious enough to hold every item on the menu.

Tezerac and Dining Tables- A Beautiful Combination!

At Tezerac, we understand what ‘Family Bonding’ means and how it thrives in an apt ambience. With this in mind, we bring to you some interesting dining tables that will double up the surface area as well offer your body immense comfort. Warm colours bind together with the quality material to create uber-chic dining room furniture pieces. Designed by renowned designers, the dining tables from our collection boast of durability, wide surface area, and easy-on-eyes colours. If you are styling our space in a cottage style, then you can browse through our wide variety of rustic style dining tables. Choose from square, oval, rectangle, or any shape that suits your dining space. For small spaces, you can easily opt for tables with drop leaf feature or select a piece with a glass table top to create an illusion of space. We have not only stopped at the durable wood, our designers and artisans have made a good use of material like marble, glass, metal, and more. Watch bonds become indestructible over the delectable food served by you.

Our Range of Dining Room Furniture:

Dining room furniture has always intrigued our design sense. Subtle lines and curved edges have combined together to create wonders for dining space. A structured dining table plays a vital role in a home. It offers you with a chance to sit and share a meal, every day, with friends and family. Whether you are looking for a dining table for a formal dining space or wish to create an eat-in kitchen setup, you will find varied options on our website. Every piece from our collection is highly adaptable and will swiftly fill up your space with warmth and comfort. Our enormous collection includes durable dining tables, comfortable dining chairs, cabinets for your crockery, tastefully designed bar stools, and much more.

  • Dining Sets: Dining table serves as the epicentre for every discussion, ground for connecting or creating memories, and sharing delectable meals. In case you are working from home, a dining table serves as a spot to spread your entire office and dining chairs offer you immense comfort. When your kid brings home a crafts project, the surface of a dining table serves as a battle ground for creativity. When planning to set up a dining space, always keep in mind how the entire set will come in use. Made using durable wood or sturdy metal for solid bones, the dining tables from our set will be your companion for years to come by.
  • Hutch Cabinets: Is your grandmother’s china collecting dust on those kitchen shelves? Wish to display the same but no sure how it can be done in a subtle manner? Don’t worry as we have the perfect solution for you in the form of Hutch Cabinets. This cabinet is specially designed for display of crockery and related items. Lined with mirror on sides, this type of cabinet will give focus available light in your room on displayed items. With this interesting piece of dining furniture in place, your chine will have glorious place to shine. Serving as a useful accent, the hutch cabinets serve as ideal kitchen storage units. Not just crockery, these kitchen storage units can also be used for stowage of placemats, table runners, artefacts, platters, and more. When combined with a dining set, these cabinets serve as an elegant addition to your space.
  • Barstools: If you think that barstools can only be used in a bar, then you are highly mistaken. These stylish siting accessories come handy when setting up an island-style dining setup. Not only this, barstools can be paired beautifully with counter-height tables as well. When selecting a barstool, give due importance to height to select a piece according to your comfort. A lot of bar stools in our collection can be easily adjusted according to desired height.
  • Bar Cabinets: Stop storing your prized spirit collection in the kitchen or anywhere as in your home. Give it a place of glory with bar cabinets and turn into an envied host. A bar cabinet generally provides with ample amount of space for storage or displaying purposes.