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Corner Storage - Even Corners can Look Glamorous!

Corners are the most ignored, underutilised areas in a home. We tend to cover up the area using planters or lamps and discard the idea of utilising the area in enhancing the storage in an area. Do not let a corner go to waste, utilise the space in a manner that you are able to multiply the storage by many folds. Designers have created these wonders by angling the whole unit in a manner that it sits comfortably in a corner. Plus, the units are integrated with shelves to facilitate storage. On Tezerac website, you will come across a wide range of corner storage furnitures that have been designed to add on to the present storage options. Our designers have poured in years of experience to come up with designs that are extraordinary in every sense.

Things to consider while buying a corner storage unit:
  1. 1. Dimensions of the area
  2. 2. Number of shelves required
  3. 3. Layout- closed or open
  4. 4. With drawers or cabinets
  5. 5. Material used in manufacturing
  6. 6. Gap between the shelves

Corner storage furniture at Tezerac can be used in any part of the house and for storage of any possible item under the roof. You can easily use a corner storage unit in your kitchen to place daily-use utensils. If there is a space crunch in your bedroom, then you can always create a dressing table using a corner storage unit and mount a floor-touching mirror on the wall. Corner storage units have more applications than one can even imagine. So keep on experimenting!