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Carpets & Doormats- Feel the Haven under Your Feet!

Feel something is missing from your home? Not able to exactly figure out what is it that can complete your whole set up? Let us help you by pointing you towards that can be added to your living room or a bedroom to make it cosy. No! Okay, we will let you figure out the same with a little hint. Look down and ask yourself one simple question- Do you feel that your floors look naked? If the answer is yes, then you need a fluffy carpet or a hand-woven rug. Carpets or rugs not only contain the dust from spreading to other parts of your home but also ensure that your floor looks warm and welcoming. These are designed to suppress noise produced by shoes and keep your downstairs neighbours happy. Moreover, these floor huggers help in lowering the risk of injuries caused due to slips. A living room carpet aids in absorbing noise and cutting down on echoes arising from your home. At Tezerac, you will come across a huge range of enticing rugs, carpets, and doormats. Available in varied designs, patterns, and material, every piece in your range is crafted to perfection by skilled artisans.

Types of Carpets & Doormats available on Tezerac:

Rugs: If you are looking for something light and easier to maintain, then you should opt for a rug. We have an extensive range of rugs that are designed by some of the renowned designers across globe. You can easily remove these and wash in machines using a mild detergent. Plus, these can be used be either framed or mounted on a wall.

Carpets: Covering a lot larger floor area, a carpets helps in creating a warm setup in your living or dining room. You will notice that these are heavier weight wise and feel cushy under feet. On our website, you can choose from a wool carpet, leather carpet, viscose carpet, and more.

Doormats: One thing that you cannot live without in India is a doormat. Tiny in size as compared to a carpet, these stop dirt and mud from entering your humble abode. You can easily place these anywhere in a home and wash it any time.

We offer a wide range of carpets and rugs that are thoughtfully fashioned using best of the material. Buy carpets on Tezerac at affordable prices. Our rugs online go through stringent quality tests before getting delivered to you. Choose from the wide range of carpets and easily buy online by placing your order on Tezerac with one click. We offer free shipping on every product in our catalogue. Our team strives to offer quality carpets at best prices in India.