6 Interesting Ways to Jazz up Your Living Space

Interesting Ways to Jazz up Your Living Space

Home is like a reflection of your true style and taste. Every lonely corner blossoms with your personal touch. You bring in warmth with colours on the walls, comfort with your choice of furniture, and fill up space with new & old memories in the form memorabilia collected over the time. So it is important to give your living space all your heart while decorating it. Give due importance to little knick-knacks that can change the entire look of the space.

Some ways of jazzing up your home´s interior are as follows:

Lively Colours To The Rescue:

Lively Colours To The Rescue

Splash a rich layer of colour in your living space in the form of colourful accents like curtains, cushions, rugs, and more. This will not only give a twist to your space but will also help in creating a lively ambience. With colours to the rescue, your space will have a vibrant touch of life. Place colourful cushions on a pastel coloured sofa to pull off a cosy corner. Introduce a floor lamp in a pop colour to bring in a twist of freshness to the entire setup.

Mix It Up Well:

Mix It Up Well

Let Danish furniture overtake the industrial decor when setting up a room. Mix n match is good for senses as well as looks attractive when done in a controlled manner. Play a little with the furniture setup by introducing different pieces to pull together a balanced look. In a dining room, you can always place upholstered chairs with exposed-wood chairs. Not only this, you can trick a leather upholstered coffee table to feel home right in the middle of a living room that is high on fabric details. Always take caution when mixing different textures and decor styles as many-a-times less can result in more.

Classic Monochrome:

Monochrome living room design
If you are not a big fan of colours, then you can always opt for decor enthusiasts’ favourite- monochrome. It is much easier to play around with and can be updated on a daily basis. If you are feeling spaced out or complete loss of colours, then you can introduce pastel colours in the setup to attain the balance. Moreover, the evergreen monochrome theme is always in style. One can easily play with metal tones and other aspects.

Prints and Patterns At Galore:

Prints and Patterns At Galore:
If you wish to give a space a character, then you need to try your hand on prints and patterns. You can choose from a galore of styles that are either exciting or have a subtle tone. Create a symphony in your living space with mix-n-match of these patterns. Play around with cushions, rugs, and curtains to pull off a chic look.

Jazz Up Using Statues & Lamps:

statues and lamps living room
Light in any form is welcome in a home to keep the ambience illuminated. Open some windows and create see-through partitions for natural light to reach various corners of your home. Another way of introducing light is through an artificial means. Decorate your home with beautiful wall light/sconces, mounting elegant pendant light & chandeliers, and reflect the same using mirrors. Introduce a few statues and artefacts to fill up the gaps in your home’s decor. Give a fresh new look to the walls using wall decals.

Locate the Focal Point:

Locate Focal Point

A focal point in a home or a room is the best feature around which the whole decor is laid out. It can be a mighty high ceiling or a long stretch of French windows or a vintage fireplace or as plain as a wide floor area. The best way to go about it is by locating the same and weaving the decor around the same. If it is a window, then you can opt for a distressed finish for a larger-than-life effect. Similarly, you can opt for a brass finish for a vintage fireplace to add an authentic touch.

By considering the above-mentioned points, it will be a cakewalk for you while giving your living space a fresh look. Not only this, you will be able to make minor changes to the room’s decor for a fresh look every now and then. So take a good look at your living space and jot the points that can be considered for a better decor.