How to Spice Up the Foot of Your Bed?

Bedroom Designs

One important aspect almost all of us miss out, while setting up a sleep paradise, is the foot of our bed. If you have a fairy-tale style bedroom with everything noched to perfection, you cannot afford to skip out on the foot of the bed. It is one space of the room that is always under-utilised as we always imagine a room with a grand bed, spacious chest of drawers, and maybe a wardrobe or two. The always-ignored space can be easily made functional yet stylish with a little adjustments. Here are some ways to give your bed’s foot a brand new look:

1. Sofas & Loveseats

Sofas & Loveseats

If your room is low on seating space, then floating a low-rise sofa or a loveseat will really help. All you need to do is get hold of a piece that is in sync with the design theory of your personal space. The seat can be easily used for populating throws or extra cushions. When in a hurry, the seating arrangement will act as the perfect spot to tie laces or fix the straps of your sandals.

2. Desks


If you are a big fan of functionality and wish to bring the same to every corner of your home, then you need to fix the foot of the bed in the same manner. Place a desk as per your choice with a sleek chair. The desk will become your portal to fantasise while the chair will act as a substitute storage unit in case of a space crunch. When selecting a desk, always ensure that it is atleast 3 inches smaller, from both ends, than the footboard of your bed. Get a sleeker desk that is functional as well as can save big time of the floor space.

3. Custom Benches

Custom Benches

While watching ‘Pretty Women’ or any other American classic, have you observed how a sleek, stylish bench accentuates the foot board of a bed? These sneaky, little furniture accents are the most useful pieces that you will ever own. Not only these add on to the seating area in a bedroom as well as act as temporary storage units. You can easily place extra throws and blankets, or cushions on it, when preparing to sleep.

4. Low-rise Sideboards

Low-rise Sideboards

Wish to double up the storage space in your bedroom or stow away things that are occasionally required, then you need to place a low-rise sideboard at the foot of your bed. The piece of furniture will not only double up the storage space bit will also add on to the surface area of your bedroom. You can easily place accents or light up the area using an elegant table lamp.

5. Shoe Racks

Shoe Racks

Tired of shoes lying around everywhere in your bedroom? The simplistic solution to your problem is getting a stylish shoe rack that fits perfectly at the foot of your bed. If you don’t wish to bring shoes to the bedroom, then the rack can be easily used for storing bed linen.

6. Trunks


No place for those AC blankets or Comforters? Don’t worry, get hold of a spacious, low-rise trunks that can be used in multiple ways. Stow away extra bed linen in the trunk, if you wish to keep the bed spick & span. You can also keep occasionally used items in the truck that can be accessed whenever required.

7. Rugs & Carpets

Rugs & Carpets

A bed is incomplete without a heavenly rug underneath your feet. Select a rug or a carpet that matches your room’s decor and place it under the bed. Make sure to spread the rugs in a manner that it highlights the foot of your bed. If you are feeling a little experimental, then place a rug that is in contrast to your bed.

We hope these tips will help you pull together an eye-catching setup for the foot of your bed.