How to Prepare for a New Year Party at Last Moment?

how to prepare for new year

If you are still wondering how to end the year with a bang, then you have reached the right place. Tezerac brings forth some handy tips to turn your place around within a few hours. Create a welcoming ambience apt for hangovers and cheers. Let´s get to work without wasting any more precious time. Follow following steps to pull off the dream-come-true party look:

1. Organise

Organie your room fro New Year Patry

Say goodbye to clutter in every room. Clear all available surface area to make room for party bites, accents, and those empty glasses. Get rid of items that are valuable or can easily break. Throw away anything that you feel is not worth keeping. Remember to enter the New Year with less baggage to avoid stress. So get working!

2. Fluff Up

Fluff Up Furnishing

To create an inviting ambience in a winter season, you need to make sure that your seating area looks warm and comfy. Get hold of loads of fluffy furnishing items. But this really doesn´t mean that you go overboard and turn your place into a fur castle. Place velvet and woollen cushions around the space. Pull out some woven throws for those lonely accent chairs.

3. Don´t Forget the Balloons

Decorate with Balloons

Nothing says party like balloons! Opt for the Pantone Colour of the year to create a hip setup. Tie the balloons in a bunch and place them in the corners. Instead of normal strings, use fairy lights to light up the corners. Create a bunch with gold and black coloured balloons and place it anywhere to attract attention. You can also let balloons float freely around the ceiling to pull off a cool-party look.

4. Where is the Bar?

Bar in House

Every Room! This is the answer that every guest looks for when attending a home party. You don´t need to spend a fortune on arranging for bar units for every room. Play creative by using console tables or others available surfaces at temporary bar platforms. Make use of metal trays to place decanters, ice buckets, mini snack bowls, and glasses with a little festive touch. You can also float kitchen trolleys as well as use side tables in different rooms to create small setups. Do not forget to stock up on liquor and corrugated glasses.

5. Lights are Important

Lighting Fixture

If your room is looking dull even after party decor then you seriously need to consider new light fixtures. Replace the old ones with fixtures that fill your space with light as well as create a warm ambience. If you don´t wish to spend a bomb in replacement of fixtures, then you can always depend on fairy lights. Use loads of fairy lights to cover a wall or ceiling of your various rooms. You can also create patterns on the wall or use glass mason jars to pull off a wonderland feel.

6. Rearrange Furniture

Re arrange Furniture

If you are hosting an open-floor party, then your need to need a lot of floor space for your guests to move around. In this case, rearrange furniture and furnishing in a thoughtful manner. Chalk out a floor plan that places seating units near to refill area. If rearranging furniture is not possible, then double up the seating space in your room.

Make your home party ready within 24 hours with above listed tricks. Just be creative while executing ideas to bring a personal touch to the whole setup.