How to Keep Your Home Safe from Colours this Holi

tips to keep home safe on holy

Festival of colours, joy is upon us and we are beaming with excitement. But can you say the same for your home? The question is ‘how to protect your home from harmful colours of Holi?’ Fun is in the air during Holi but your furniture and furnishing don’t resonate with the same feeling. Festival of colours leaves ugly reminders behind that are hard to get rid of. Some smart techniques to keep your home’s decor clean during this festive season are as follows:


how to keep furniture

One of the first things to get affected by colours is furniture. You can always safeguard furniture using old bed sheets and newspapers. Use a layer of old newspapers under an old bed sheet to create double protection. If by chance your furniture ends up with a stain, it will be better to clean it immediately with varnish. You can also make use of acetone or hydrogen peroxide to remove colours from a dining table or kitchen cabinet. Please keep a vacuum cleaner handy to remove colours instantly.


keep furnishing items safe on holi

It is better to be cautious than to Google ‘How to Remove Holi Colours from a Silk Cushion?’. The best way to go about it is to stow away all the cushions and throws. If possible, turn the covers of your sofa and dining chair seats inside-out. Take out your old bed sheets or throws that are not in a bad state and use the same to cover your sofas and benches. If you wish to keep the cushions as a part of your Holi decor, then make sure you choose for polyester covers. Get rid of all the light-coloured curtains and tablecloths to ensure zero contact with colours.



The first thing that gets attacked with colours is your main door. But don’t worry as we have the best solution for the same. Apply some turpentine or mustard oil on the surface of the door to protect the same from the harmful effects of colours.


Keep Wall Safe on Holi

If you are not a big fan of colourful hand marks on the wall, then you must read further. Dab a layer of anti-stain varnish on interior walls that are finished using oil or lustre paints. You can also make the wall inaccessible by pushing a piece of furniture in front of the same.



After Holi, not liking the new colour of your floor or bathroom tiles? Remove the stains with a paste of baking soda and water. Generously apply the paste on the affected area and leave the same for some time. With the help of a brush, remove the paste. If you have marble flooring, then it will be a good idea to use liquid bleach.

Bathroom Fittings:

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You are all coloured and in dire need of a shower. One step inside the bathroom and it becomes a mess that cannot be controlled. From the floor to fixtures, everything is in the colour that you never selected at the time of renovation. How to stop the same from happening? Protect the fixtures by applying petroleum jelly. If your bathroom has already turned into a set from a horror movie, then please use liquid detergent on the fixtures to remove the stains.

We hope above listed tricks help you out in keeping your home clean during Holi.

Some other ways to make your house look ready for Holi are as follows: