Home Decor Trends that Will Dominate in 2018

Home decor trends 2018

Summer has arrived! Is your home ready to shine bright this season? Let the brightness of sun reflect through your home decor choices while balancing the same with cool prints and patterns that are a rage this season. Punctuate the personal space with accent pieces in metal and fringes.

Let’s take down some pointers on how we can change the whole look of your home with some simple additions or subtractions:

1. Rich Pigments

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This is the year you can make bold choices! Don’t be bound within the whites, greys, or blacks. Look beyond the safe colours to pull off a decor theme worthy of envy. Play with brave colour tones like brooding violet, serious navy, or striking emerald green. Introduce terracotta tones in the palette to give an earthy feel.

2. Glam Wood

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Bubbling on the back burner, the dark wood trend is all set to enter the decor palette with a twist. The pale, bleached wood from scandinavian-inspired decor style is ready to take over the serious look. With dark tones cloaking the wood, it is the golden period for much-loved retro glamour to return with a touch of modern luxe.

Bold exterior is balanced beautifully by metallic handles and accents to infuse a glam factor. Softness of marble and granite married to reliable wood helps in creation of awe-inspiring pieces. Walnut, gold, brass, or black finish on the wood gives a sophisticated feel to high-street furniture.

3. Global Goodness

Nest of Tables

Don’t let your expeditions to far lands go to waste! Infuse a global touch to your decor theme with inspirations picked on your trips. Breathtakingly beautiful Arches forged in marble from Moorish architecture feature intricate inlay work. The same can be brought home with introduction of a metal marble nested tables set featuring the richness of Moorish arches.

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For a global-inspired earthy touch, place some clay or terracotta accents in your home. You can also play around with terracotta tones prints on cushions, curtains, and light throws for cool touch.

4. Artisan Textures

Bedsheets & Cushion

Without textures in place, a decor theme is always incomplete. Riding high this season, the rich, bold textures are the most sought-after. May it be furniture or furnishings, the textured textile has taken the front foot and is in full mood to take your decor theme by storm. Raw feel with playful fringes, beautiful embellishments, irresistible embroidery, and appliqué details have taken the centre stage.

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This season, texture is not limited to only textile. The rich texture of metal, marble, and wood are also playing a huge role. You will find metal lamps with textured marble base for a beautiful effect in a limited space.

5. Tropical Prints

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Wish to bring in some nature in your home? Get hold of tropical prints that are lively to the core. The best way to go about it is to float around cushions with tropical prints. Tuck the prints in nature’s gift- plants to make the space come alive. Energise the whole setup with inclusion of vibrant floral prints but in a controlled manner.

Create a kaleidoscope of greens and place it around the in-trend dark-toned furniture for fashionable look.

You can insert metal planters, marble trays with green tropical inlay, mirrors to reflect the green around, and digital tropical prints in polished brass frames.

6. Metallic Accents

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It is time to shine!

Let the luxe metallic accents takeover your home’s decor and turn it into a dream land. This season is all about brass. The subtle sheen of brass looks elegant in every setting. Look for furniture with brass inlays or frames for a bold look. Place the same in soft pink and emerald green room to balance the brass tone for a luxurious effect.

Opt for lamps and accents that can be easily used for punctuating a decor theme. Invest in brass-toned trays and bowls for your coffee table decor.

7. Marble

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The trendsetter this season is none other than ‘Marble’. It has picked up on imagination of decor enthusiasts worldwide with its subtle texture and ability to add a luxe effect to any decor theme. From furniture to lamps to trays and much more, marble rules the decor chart now. You can also add marble texture cushions that are in-trend this season.

All these trends are easy to accommodate in one’s home. All you need to remember that every trend has a life cycle and you need to be prepared to switch to fresh trends without a heavy investment. Instead of going overboard with investment in furniture, buy accent pieces that are less expensive and easily replaceable. Look for furniture pieces with easily replaceable tops and fabrics.