HeimTextil 2018: The Future is Urban!

“Change is Inevitable!”

Every part of this statement is gold. Change is bound to take place, no matter how much we try. Same statement stands tall in terms of trends. Every passing moment, a discovery or an experiment in the field of decor changes the whole course of what’s useful and what’s not. Every parchment on ‘this-is-the-future’ turns useless with adoption of new materials and techniques of dressing our personal or social space.

Today’s world is driven by millennials who are living on edges of the urbanization. Leaving there roots behind, these enthusiastic souls linger in the sweet passage laid between opportunities and self-mark. This has forced this pack to push towards the urban jungle with limited space. The idea of micro living laced with multi-functional, minimalistic style has always intrigued interior decorators and architects around the world, for years. This year at Heimtextil- the biggest international trade fair(9 to 12 January 2018, Frankfurt) for home and contract textiles, focus will be on the whole idea of the world where the personal spaces are shrinking and micro-living becoming a reality.

70,000 Visitors | 135 Countries | 2,975 International Exhibitors | 50 Young Designers & Start-ups

Buyers and decor enthusiasts from all over the world visited the largest textile fair in a hope to learn more about the concepts taking-over the decor world. The fair featured decor themes that will rule the scene in coming years as well techniques that can help in turning this planet a better place.

2018 Decor Themes at the Expo:

Urban Oasis: In a cement jungle, nothing green calms our senses. At Heimtextil, the growing fondness to be in touch with nature has been rounded off in a minimalistic style. The pallet of this theme features lush green shades from jungles and dark forest. Matt pink gels with natural patterns of marble and bamboo to offer a stylish escape zone. Sprinkles of refreshing purples and reds bind the décor style.

Soft Minimal: Cosy materialtakes the charge in adding life to new-age micro-apartments. The multi-functional living systems are grazed by wool, felt, linen, and boucle yarns in neutral, muted pastels.

Adapt+Assemble: When excess becomes too much to handle! The décor theme revolves around shedding the frills and adapting to interchangeable shapes.

Perfect Imperfection: Old is Gold! One of the oldest known dyes- Indigo, is in vogue. It has forced designers to experiment as well as accept all unexpected gradations for a beautiful new.

Relax/Recharge: Colours Affect & Effect Mood! It is a known fact that colours influence our day to day mood. In contrast to trusted theories about different colours, blue is known to stimulate and red calms the senses. Urban dwellings are loaded with these sense stimulators to transform a personal space into a zone of escape.

If you are a decor enthusiast interested in learning how the trend is changing, then visit Heimtextil next year or follow our page for more such updates.