How to Embrace Moroccan Style Decor?

Moroccan Style Decor

Morocco – The land of fantasy where imagination intersects with beauty to create unrealistic reality. Centuries of trade has changed this land of golden sand into a souk of vibrant cultures and multiple styles. This little oasis derives inspiration from Arabic, African, and European cultures. Lately, Moroccan furniture design is going through a revival of sorts by combining tribal African design sensibility with a more contemporary touch. All this inspiration trickles down to deliver the world with a very unique design language for tribal opulence- Moroccan Theme Decor. Warm designs and breathtaking patterns mix together to create a delight for all senses. Modernised animal prints, unique sub Saharan textiles, intricate metal work and magical mirrors entice the sense of sight, while soft-to-the-touch rugs soothe sense of touch. Candles in spicy fragrances keep your sense of smell in a state of nirvana. Morocco-inspired decor is a mix-match of magnificent items that come together to create a story.

The Kingdom of Morocco is located in the Maghreb region of North Africa and shares borders with Spain, Algeria, and Western Sahara. These bordering countries also have influenced the country’s culture. The Southern part of Morocco, home to Sahara desert, experiences high temperature as compare to the other parts of the country that have pleasant weather.


We are sure you are reminded of Morocco when you think of the timeless romance of Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, Casablanca! While Casablanca was not actually filmed in the city of Casablanca, we assure you the furniture designs that are emerging from Morocco are indeed authentic to that region.

Weave a web of warm memories by introducing elements of Moroccan decor in your home. Little lanterns, shimmering mirrors, and leather fabrics will breathe a new life to a mundane decor. You can easily welcome this pleasantly warm decor theme in your home by taking inspiration from following pocket-friendly ideas:

1. Bold Colours:

Moroccan House

Moroccan decor revolves around vibrant colours that drape floor or ceiling without creating a mess. Colours introduce a sense of life in a home without changing the structure. Play with bold colours by placing multicoloured cushions on a sofa or a bed. You can cover the ceiling with a colourful woollen rug. A cluster of little items can also bring colour to your space without stressing about it. Create a mix theme in your living or dining room by introducing accent items in blue or deep red colour.

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2. Elaborate Furniture

Moroccan Home Decor

Furniture plays a vital role in creating a Moroccan themed decor. Get hold of heavy and dark wood furniture that can be used in part of the house. If you do not wish to spend a fortune on furniture, then put on your creative hat and let your hands create a masterpiece. Revamp your coffee tables by nailing pieces of artistically cut metal strips on the top or on the sides. If not in a mood of hard work, then opt of Moroccan wall decals that can be easily used for wrapping different furniture items. Place Moroccan ottomans or pouffes in your bedroom or covered balcony for an earthy feeling.

Moroccan Home Furnishing

3. Rug Love

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Bring in a plush look by spreading rugs in different parts of the house. Soft woollen rugs feel like heaven under feet and can be used in any manner ever possible. If you don’t like them on a floor, then feel free to cover your ceiling.

vintage navajo rug framed

Make a Moroccan rug long last by getting it framed and hanging it in a living room or a foyer. Create a headboard hanging a comfortable rug behind your bed.

moroccan wedding blanket rug

4. Rustic Metal

Metal Furnishing

Moroccan theme is incomplete without metal trinkets. Head to flea markets and get hold of little brass and metal items that can be placed in corners or above metal to bring a Moroccan feel. Install shelves in your balcony and place some iron cages in rustic finish on them. Either fill these cages with candles for a delightful evening or place planters topped with grass plants.

Metal Trinkets

5. Magical Mirror

Moroccan Home Mirror

Let the natural light fill up your space by placing mirrors between two windows or on an opposite wall. Mirror not only helps in creating an illusion of a wide space but also add a shiny touch to your space. In Moroccan decor, mirrors play a significant role as these can be placed anywhere in a room for illusion and diverting light.

Moroccan Mirror

6. Mesmerising Candles

Moroccan Style Decor

The first thing you will notice while visiting Morocco is the fragrance of different spices filling up your nostrils. Introduce these earthy notes to your home through fragrant candles. Fill up your bathroom and dining space with numerous exotic candles to introduce a Moroccan touch. If you don’t have time to hunt for spice scented candles, then you can always light a normal tea light candle and add a few drops of patchouli/sandalwood essential oil.


If you cannot find Moroccan scented candles in your area, then do not worry. Follow instructions on this video make your own spice scented candles.

Treat your senses to exotic wonders by embracing Morocco decor style. Play of colours and metals give this decor style a vibrant touch. Moreover, it is easy on the pocket as only a few things can introduce a touch of fantasyland to your space.