How to Create a Perfect Retreat in Your Bedroom

Perfect Retreat in Your Bedroom

The bedroom is one paradise where one spends atleast 12-15 hours a day. This is one part of the home where all inhibitions are left behind and one feels most at ease. It is the best place to create a comfy utopia, with a personal touch, for your nerves to relax. This space should reflect your personal style as well as give relaxing vibes.

Giving a personal touch to a space is not easy but you can always start from the scratch. Start with a selection of a theme that suits your personality and then gradually progress to the style of furniture that matches the theme selected. Slowly move towards the process of layering the setup with the warmth of textiles and accenting the corners or walls for cosy, glam feel. The bed is the focal point that binds a bedroom but you need other things as well to add life to the barren room.

Here is a list of things that you need to create a perfect retreat in your bedroom:

Stylish Storage

Stylish Storage

The bedroom is like a cosy corner where we tend to unwind and forget about the world. But if it is cluttered with clothes and related, it is not really an inviting site. To avoid entering a cluttered bedroom, invest in furniture that can be used for organising the space. Opt for a capacious wardrobe that sits comfortably in your room. The wardrobe should sync smoothly with the present decor or just standout to draw all focus towards itself. It should be an ideal mix of practicality and design. The layout should cover the basics like hanging space, trouser racks, open shelving, and most importantly ample space for your stray shoes. You can also opt for a compact yet beautiful chest of drawers to ensure that your bedroom looks organised in a stylish manner. A chest of drawers also helps in keeping your unmentionables and basics organised.

2. Furniture


Pitch-perfect furniture contributes in the creation of dreamy bedrooms. So chose furniture that makes the bedroom come alive. Give priority to comfort and space-saving layout over design while setting up the bedroom. Owing to limited floor space available in a bedroom, the furniture like a bench, ottoman, pouffe, side table, love seat, or an accent chair should be chosen wisely.

3. Bedside Tables


Your beloved night read, trustworthy eyeglasses, a glass of warm water, trinkets, and much more requires room. In this scenario, comes a bedside table, in the picture, to rescue your essential items and ensure these are within your reach. When placed next to a bed, the bedside tables maximise the storage as well increase the functionality of the whole setup.

4. Lamps & Lighting

Lamps & Lighting

Light is an element that can either make or break the whole look. If played well, the lights can act as the heroes saving the lost decor theme. But the hero doesn’t need to be rough and rugged to pull together the look of a room. If placed in sync with the decor theme and furniture placement, the floor and table lamps help in creating a warm ambience. The table lamps come in handy for some bedtime reading. You can also use wall lights or ceiling pendant lamps to add a twist to your bedside.

5. Textiles


Add a character to your dreamland with textures of different types of fabric and knits. This can be easily done with the help of plush blankets, artistic cushions, cushy quilts or uber-soft throws. Push the limits by spreading heavenly rugs, delicate carpets, and unique wall hangings. These help in giving your space a warm, luxurious touch as well as a definition.

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