4 Types of Coffee Tables to Glam Up Your Space

Hunting for a new coffee table to amp up your living room? If yes, then you will love the coffee table styles that we have painstakingly rounded for you. This list comprises some of the most sought-after styles that have been loved for generations and found place in coziest settings. Find more about the coffee table styles:

Natural Timber

Timber or wood is one of the most sought-after material when it comes to a coffee table. The durability and timeless beauty make timber coffee tables stand out. It is easier to mould, carve, finish, as well as style timber compared to other material. This feature makes timber the first choice of furniture manufacturers as well designers. It also means that timber coffee tables are best to blend in any kind of settings all thanks to the ease of finishing. Moreover, the wood adds an instant touch of warmth to a given space. When buying an all-timber coffee table, opt for the one with a classic style and clean lines. Also, ensure that the finish colour of the table is in sync with the decor.

Some of the most breathtakingly beautiful coffee tables are as follows:

Solid Wood Rectangular Coffee Table In Chocolate Finish
Solid Wood Coffee Table In Golden Wheat Finish
Solid Wood Rectangular Coffee Table In Natural Finish
Solid Wood & Metal Rectangular Coffee Table In Grey & Natural Finish

Luxurious Marble

Looking for a sophisticated hero to pull together your living room? Meet the ‘Marble’- the best material to add a luxe, sophisticated touch to a space. The beautiful veins running through the smooth surface adds beauty to a simple coffee table. The slean layout of marble coffee tables lets the marble surface be the hero. For a fine touch, the marble goes through various finishing stages before it is carved and set in the frame. The sturdy material is not only beautiful to look at but also feels luxe when inserted in any kind of decor setup.

Feast your eyes on some in-style marble coffee table styles:

Metal & Marble Rectangular Coffee Table In Gold Finish
Marble & Metal Coffee Table In Grey Finish
Metal & Marble Round Coffee Table In Gold & White Finish
Marble & Metal Coffee Table In Beige & Golden Finish

Sturdy Metal

Does shiny or metallic attracts you the most? If yes, then you have reached the right place. Metal coffee tables have a special place for people who heart glitz and understand the true meaning of shimmer. For a million dollar look, a metal table in gold or chrome finish is the best choice any given day. These tables are easy to maintain and can be paired easily with a sofa in plush upholstery or a sleek layout.

Metal & Marble Round Coffee Table In Gold Finish
Marble & Metal Cofee Table In White Wash & Golden Finish
Metal & Marble Rectangular Coffee Table In Gold Finish
Metal & Marble Round Coffee Table In Black & White Finish

Comfy Upholstered

Nothing beats a coffee table with best of both worlds- wood or metal wrapped in plush upholstery. Say hello to ‘Upholstered Coffee Tables’ that have been designed to offer comfort as well as a place for your cup. After a hectic day, just stretch your legs and place them on your coffee table that acts like an ottoman. These coffee tables are best for homes that are short on floor space but need a comfy touch.

Solid Wood Square Coffee Table In Natural Finish
Solid Wood & Fabric Coffee Table In Walnut & Grey Finish
Upholstered Leatherite Rectangular Coffee Table In Tan Finish
Metal & Leather Square Coffee Table In Gold Finish

We hope that our selection will help you in selecting the right coffee table for your home.