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Beds- Roll in Comfort!

A bedroom is like a sanctuary that needs a personal touch in every corner. If you wish to revamp your bedroom and give it a cosy, personal touch, then browse through an intensive collection available at Tezerac. With our beds, you will be able to introduce a touch of comfort in your bedroom. Reshape your bedroom with introduction of a king size poster bed or a queen size upholstered bed. With availability in various sizes, styles, and colours, one can easily find the one that is in accordance with personal decor style. When selecting a bed for your room or your kid’s room, you need to consider the size. You can choose between a single bed (36x75) inches, a double bed (54x75 inches), a queen size bed (60x78 inches), and a king size bed (76x80 inches). Shop for trendy beds that are available at terrific prices. You also need to take into account the storage availability, while selecting a bed. As per requirement, you can choose between beds with storage or beds without storage.

Types of Beds:

Wooden Beds: Boasting a solid wooden structure, these beds are designed to last long. Finished to perfection, these beds add a regal charm to your space. Finished in natural and different colours, these beds easily blend in with traditional, rustic, classic, contemporary, and modern decor themes.

Upholstered Beds: Redefining luxury, an upholstered bed is the best way to wrap your body in comfort. Enwrapped in lush fabric from corner to corner, these beds are an ideal choice for bedrooms that are stocked on space. The cushioned headboard doubles up comfort offered to the spine while sitting upright. These beds are apt of modern and contemporary style decor themes.

Sofa cum Beds: If you have a space crunch in a room or wish to create ample sleeping areas in your home, then a sofa cum bed will be a wise choice. Encapsulating qualities of both worlds, this unique piece of furniture comes in handy every now and then. You can easily place it in your bedroom to create a sleeping area for little kids or pets.

Poster Beds: Regal in every sense, the poster bed represents vintage charm of the long-forgotten world. This type of bed is designed with 4 posts guarding the 4 corners. In many beds, a light frame rests above 4 posts. This enables users to hang mosquito nets or fabric for the show.

Bunk Beds: Primarily an English design, this style of bed comes in handy while setting up kids’ bedroom or making a good use of the floor space in a small room. This type of bed has two cots placed one above the other.