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  2. Trunk & Blanket Boxes (11)
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  4. mdf (20)
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  3. india (48)
  4. denmark (18)
  5. germany (29)
  6. morocco (23)
  7. turkey (16)
  8. uk (53)
  1. neutral (2)
  2. natural (5)
  3. off white (3)
  4. distressed (1)
  5. ebony (2)
  6. vintage brown (3)
  7. antique charcoal (5)
  8. grey (7)
  9. white wash (7)
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Bedroom Storage- Space for Everything!

A bedroom remains incomplete if it doesn’t have appropriate storage options. The best way to incorporate storage into your bedroom is by picking up your laptop and browsing for options on Tezerac website. We have a wide range of bedroom storage options available with us. Browse through our selection that contains pieces designed by some of the renowned designers and skilled artisans. Integrating convenience of storage with design, these storage options will take over all your storage related worries. You can easily find the one you are looking for by using the filter option available on the left side. We have storage options that will sync right in with varied decor themes. You can choose from Cupboards, Chest of Drawers, Dressers and Mirrors, Trunks & Blanket Boxes, and Dressing Tables. These furniture pieces are manufactured using quality material and finished in soothing-on-eyes colours.

Types of Storage Options:

Cupboards: In every sense, a cupboard is a true problem solver in the case of a storage crunch. These units are designed to help a user organise items in a neat manner. Primarily designed for storage of daily wear items and accessories, the cupboards play a vital role in keeping life on track.

Chest of Drawers: If your unmentionables or accessories are lying around the room, then you seriously need to consider chest of drawers. Integrated with a number of drawers, these units come in handy to create a small storage area in your room. Plus, the top portion of the unit adds to the surface area in a room. You can easily use the drawers for storage and the top area for shelving or placing baskets to store knick-knacks.

Dressers and Mirrors: Getting ready for any occasion or office can be a real task. The scenario gets worse when the room is not integrated with a unit to hold your daily essentials. In this scenario, the bed becomes a war ground. Before you destroy one more bed sheet, get hold of a dresser that can easily handle all your cosmetics and accessories.

Trunks & Blanket Boxes: Trunks come in handy when it comes to creating additional storage in a room is a regal style. These pieces of furniture can be easily placed below a window or beside a footboard for easy access. These storage units easily double up as a seating arrangement.