About Us

About 'us' is actually about 'you' and 'your homes'. About us is as much about your undying desire for a beautiful home as it is about our goal to fill your home with the best.

For over 20 years, Tezerac’s founders travelled the globe across 42 countries meeting people, doing businesses, and above all understanding how people around the world made their homes more beautiful with great furniture and elegant decor. With this immense knowledge in our kitty, we took it as our mission to help every Indian family make their homes more beautiful! We do this by bringing you most amazing furniture put together in a way that tells a story of furniture from different regions of the world.

We bring to you our knowledge of furniture and home décor through products that are designed by accomplished designers and yet are available to you at most affordable prices.

We are located in Gurgaon, Haryana while we deliver products across India.


Our name Tezerac is inspired by the geometrical figure, the ‘tesseract’. The 'tesseract' is a four-dimensional cube that unfolds into eight cubes in a 3D space. We cultivated our beliefs on the fact that a cube is a basic structure upon which all furniture design is based. It is by modifying the cube that comfortable and stylish furniture is created.

There is another aspect to the name and story of Tezerac. While the ‘tesseract’ shape is a universal symbol, it is interpreted in different ways across geographies and cultures.... Very much the way that furniture is. While the basic needs from furniture are universal – to sit, to sleep etc - the way furniture is designed and crafted varies from country to country. In fact, furniture and home décor of each region speak a distinct language; this language changes from country to country and brings the richness of that culture to people’s homes.

We, at Tezerac, completely understand and speak this language. We have the experience and expertise to understand the uniqueness in design across regions and countries. This is why we are able to bring you the most affordable furniture designed by experts from different countries in the world.

Go ahead and choose the language that you want your furniture to speak and leave the rest to us.

When you acquire a Tezerac product, you are actually bringing home a global design.

Nimit Shah (Director): A software engineer from Mumbai University and a tech wiz, Nimit grinds his teeth deep into operations. Bringing great products to its customers is no easy task and Nimit does not rest easy until each and every Tezerac customer is happy and proud.

Manav Bansal: It is his job to translate Nimit's vision into operating strategies. Manav's experience as a senior investment banker and private equity investor helps shape Tezerac into a fast growing yet profitable business.