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A collection of stories on furniture and space from across the globe.
Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home.” – Anna Quindlen” Golden words by Anna define the magical world of books in a precise manner. Books are like....
Every piece of furniture and furnishing can change the way a room looks. The same holds true for curtains. They aren’t just tools for keeping peeping eyes out: they can transform home décor completely. Drapery itself is available in a....
If you are typically one of those straw-hat lovers, you will most likely have a fascination for cottage style home décor. Forgiving floaty fabrics, compromising furniture, earthy pitchers, long-stemmed roses, and a lot more bargains from the local flea vendors, bring out the ecstatic flavor of a cottage style vintage charm..
Furniture – We all are crazy about it but we know so little about its origin or design concept. For centuries, we have used tables in our house for varied reasons or a bench for creating seating arrangement but we never ever bothered about how it all came into existence. Ever wondered how the whole concept..

Tezerac - A Unique Online Furniture Store

Create a blissful paradise right in your home with international style furniture from the house of Tezerac. We bring to you a refined range of handmade wooden furniture and furnishing items, for your home, through an online store. Our store is created to enhance your shopping experience by many folds. Easy to manoeuvre, our one-stop-shop houses hand-picked items that are designed by renowned international furniture designers. Our extensive collection comprises Indian and international style pieces that will escalate style quotient of your home by many folds. From out-of-the-box accent chairs to classy metal coffee tables, you will find every furniture item that you have been looking for so long. Add a cosy touch to your living space with unique furniture or decor pieces for the bedroom, living room, dining room, and more.

Furniture Redefined to Suit Your Needs

A house is like a barren canvas that offers open opportunity to turn it into a masterpiece. Play with this canvas by adding or subtracting furniture items that are unique to the core. At Tezerac, we try our level best to fulfil your furniture needs to create the home of your dreams. Our elegant and practical products will add value to your living space. Experience furniture like never before on our online shop that houses beautiful chairs, tastefully designed coffee tables, super comfy sofas, dreamy beds, breathtakingly beautiful storage units, and much more. We believe that furniture is like a sign language that has the power to express through a solid form. So accentuate your space with classy, affordable furniture from our extensive range. Every piece in our range is designed to offer maximum functionality as well as effortlessly amp up the look of your space.

Statement Decor Items to Enrich Your Space

Decor is not just about a colourful cushion cover or a classy painting, it is much more than what is visible to eyes. Every decor item in your home reflects your personal style. It helps in creating a story for every nook and corner using simple elements. At Tezerac, you can easily get hold of one-of-a-kind decor items that will aid in redefining your personal space. Be it your bedroom or a kitchen, every corner in your house should bubble up with life. Choose from elegant wall lights, unique table lamps, heavenly rugs, delightful cushion covers and more to pep up your living space.

An Experience like Never Before

We bring to you a world of noteworthy furniture and decor items that are designed by renowned designers and handmade by skilled artisans. Every piece is hand carved using quality material and finished in a refined manner. Perks do not end here! Experience the world of delightful furniture or decor items using our easy-to-use online portal. Every product listed on our website is accompanied by information that is required to take a just decision. Buying furniture online can be a dextrous task but Tezerac website simplifies the process by providing everything at one click.